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Workout of The Week Month 4: Push/Pull Routine

Welcome to Month 5 of our Workout of the Week series! This month, we are switching things up slightly. We will be using 4 weeks of push/pull weightlifting routines that should be done.

With this month we recommend an "All or Nothing" approach. If you decide to do both workouts, commit to doing both workouts for each of the four weeks this month. Conversely, if you decide you only want to do one of the Push or Pull routines, commit to that for the entire month. We will be utilizing linear progression in these workouts, so to see the results you want, you should aim to perform the workouts for that routine for the whole month.

Now, lets talk a little about Push/Pull routines. The philosophy behind this is that the upper body can be broken into push muscles (chest, triceps, shoulders) and pull muscles (back, biceps, traps). So by training these muscles in groups based on function, we can improve the functionality of our muscles while getting stronger and more defined.

As previously stated, we encourage you to stay consistent with however much of the routine you decide to do as we will be utilizing linear progression. Put simply, this means that each week we want our weights to be progressing so that, if they were to be graphed, they would look like this:

As far as the workouts go, they will start with a deadlift/bench, and progress from there in a pretty simple way. As always, ASK if you have questions about movements, and make sure you challenge yourself appropriately! Good luck, and lets get strong!

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