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Personal Training

 30 & 60-minute sessions 

At Hybrid Fitness, we offer 30 & 60-minute personal training sessions which can be in-person at our facility or virtual via phone/video from the comfort of your home.

Our highly qualified personal trainers will empower and motivate you to reach your fullest potential, whether it is related to fitness and strength, weight loss, sports performance, or increasing functional mobility.

Our trainers will assist you with:

  • Setting achievable goals

  • Dietary intervention and adherence

  • Designing an exercise program that will work for you both in the gym and between training sessions

We are able to work around any limitations you may have. 

Check out our training packs below and reach out to get started!

​Sessions include: 

Initial assessment and goal planning

Monthly weigh-ins and measurements

Food journal guidance

Customized workout plans

MELODY S. Personal Training Client, Philadelphia

"Hybrid Fitness offers a unique environment with equipment and perks you won't find in a large, impersonal gym. When I walk in, I can choose to do my own thing--like climb the rope, flip the tire or hit the heavy bags--or I can do the WOD.


I've trained with the owner for almost three years and he still pushes me and teaches me new things."

 30 min 

1 session

$40 / (1) 30-minute session

 60 min 

1 session

 $65 / (1) 60-min session 

 30 min 

5 sessions

$190 / (5) 30-minute sessions

 60 min 

5 sessions

 $315 / (5) 60-min sessions 

 30 min 

10 sessions

 $350 / (10) 30-min sessions 

 60 min 

10 sessions

 $600 / (10) 60-min sessions 

Meet our Team


Doug DeWitt

Owner/Personal Trainer


dean turner

Personal Trainer


melanie goldstein

Personal Trainer

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