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Resistance Bands

One of the best pieces of exercise equipment you can invest in is the resistance band. There are a couple different types of bands that can be utilized in different ways. Ease of transportation, exercise variability, and wide ranges of resistance make the bands a very impressive tool. Below we will look at some of the best resistance band exercises and the different bands that you will use for them.

1. Lateral Walk

This movement can be performed with the smaller therapy band or the larger loop band. The therapy band would go around your ankles, while the loop band would be used in a squat position. Doing the lateral walk with the therapy band is a good warmup/rehab option to begin a session. Doing the walk with a loop band is a great addition to a workout routine built around explosiveness and agility.

2. Standing Row

This exercise is performed best with resistance tubes that have handles on the end. Find any stable object and wrap the tube around it. Change up your angles/anchor points with the row to engage all the various back muscles. Isolation holds will also be a great option for the end of your sets, simply stay engaged holding the row position for as long as you can on the last rep of every set.

3. Resistance Crunches

Anchor your resistance band to a structure behind you (post, beam, pole, etc.) and keep the resistance tubes in your hands on your thighs. Keep your shoulders off the ground and assume crunch position with your feet flat on the ground. Keep your hands in contact with your legs as you perform short crunches and take your fingertips above your knees. Scoot further away from anchor point to make the exercise harder.

4. Band Pushups

One of my personal favorites, this exercise takes the standard pushup to a new level. Simply take a loop band and wrap it around your back and across your shoulder blades. Hold the end of the loops in the palms of your hand. When you push yourself up think about maximum explosiveness. You will feel like you are pushing up through a wall!

5. Ab Rotations

Dial up this variation to get your abs ripped and to improve your core stability. Anchor a loop band around a stationary object and adjust the height to chest level. Keeping your elbows tight to your body and our arms at a 90 degree angle, grab the band in the palm of your hand and wrap your other hand over top of that. While keeping your feet stationary, rotate your upper body a quarter turn away from the anchor point and twist back to the starting position facing forward. Do not let the band pull you back!

Get your bands and get to work!

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