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Full Body Tabata Style Workouts

Month 8 of the Workout of the Week series is officially upon us! This month we are doing Tabata Style Full-Body Workouts! This month will be high intensity intervals, so bring your energy to each and every workout!

Let’s start by examining what a “Tabata” workout is. Tabata refers to a type of HIIT training with a specific work-to-rest ratio of 2:1. For our workouts this month, we will use this work to rest ratio for all exercises. Each workout will be structured into three tri-sets, working upper body, lower body, and core. For example, in a workout set of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, you would do 30 seconds of push-ups, rest 15 seconds, 30 seconds of sit-ups, rest 15 seconds and then 30 more seconds of squats. You would then rest, and move on to round 2 of the first set and then continue on in the same pattern.

HIIT training has been researched extensively, and there are many established benefits to training this way. Specifically, the Tabata method has been researched and shown to increase aerobic capacity comparatively to steady state exercise. However, Tabata training has also been shown to increase anaerobic capacity 20-30% more than steady state training. Tabata training has also been shown to increase calorie expenditure compared to steady-state workouts of the same length of time.

Another aspect important aspect of Tabata workouts is that, when appropriate, maximal effort needs to be exerted. For any movements that don’t require added resistance and weight, you want to push yourself to your limit in the time period when your working. For example, when exercises like burpees, tire slams, push-ups and prowler pushes come up, work to your limits! It is essential to do so to see the true effects of Tabata workouts.

As always, remember to ASK the staff if you have any questions about movements or structure, and challenge yourself. Good luck, and happy lifting!


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