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Full Body Kettlebell Routines

The next four weeks we will be focusing on workouts utilizing kettlebells as the main source of weight/resistance. Since kettlebell routines are sometimes complex to perform, along with being very taxing on the nervous system, we will be sticking to just one routine per week, and will not be including any sort of circuit training this month.

If you don't already know, kettlebells are the bell shaped weights that we have in the gym next to our dumbbell weights. They are composed of three parts: the bell, the horns and the handle. All of our kettlebells are balanced: so no part of the bell will be heavier than the other and thus won't affect the feel of the weight as you move through exercises.

Kettlebells have gained much popularity over the years for their functionality and versatility. One of the best parts about kettlebell work is that you don't need a variety of different weight to complete workouts. Often times, you can pick a single weight and do the entire workout with just that weight (this is one of the goals for our workouts, try to use the same kettlebell the whole time if you can!)

In terms of form, there are a few things that are important to remember. First, make sure you brace your core when doing any sort of presses. Kettlebells tend cause your ribs to flare and lower back to arch, so it's important to combat that by trying to brace your core and pull your ribs down. Bracing your core is also extremely important during the swing, a staple kettlebell exercise. Secondly, the kettlebells center of gravity is further away from your hands than a traditional dumbbell. This requires stricter attention to form and technique, so make sure you make adjustments. You will benefit from it!

Some kettlebell exercises can be complicated, so check out our YouTube channel for some videos as references. Watch some and get familiar with exercises that you might not know, and, as always, don't hesitate to ask a trainer for help if you need it!

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