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Ask the Trainer: Landmine

What is a landmine? Why should you care? Those questions answered and three exercises to get you started!

Question:  What is a Landmine and why should I use it?

Answer:  In the gym world a Landmine is a piece of equipment that offers challenging variations of different training moves.  Its an anchored tube that you slide a barbell into allowing an arching movement which is good for training shoulders, hips, core muscles and more.   Many gyms don't offer this piece of equipment and people try to replicate the moves by putting a bar in the corner of a room which is less secure and a lot more unstable.

Hybrid Fitness has a landmine and here are some reasons you should be using it!  The main advantages of using a landmine instead of dumbells is the fatter grip and ease of adding heavier weight.  The landmine puts less load on your joints which is less stressful to them than using a barbell alone.  You are also able to work different angles in standing and kneeling positions that you might not be able to with free weights alone.  It allows people, especially athletes, the ability to train in multiple planes and target a number of muscle groups.

Top 3 Landmine Exercises You Should Try Today!

1. Reverse Lunge Press- This full body exercise builds core stability, increases balance and strengthens your lower and upper body.

2. Side to Side- This core exercise is unique because it is done in a standing position which translates to real life especially for athletes.  It works the back and core muscles.

3. One-armed Clean and Press- This full body exercise builds explosiveness in the hips and strengthens the upper body.  The staggered stance translates well to sports.

Be sure to check out our video to see these three top moves in action!

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