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5 Fitness Fads and Myths to Avoid

This week’s article is a little less dense than most, as we will touch on 5 fitness fads that ought to be avoided. These fads present themselves over and over in an almost cyclical fashion, and can be disguised in a number of different ways.

  1. You Can Spot Treat Body Fat– This is a common way that persist no matter how many times it is refuted. You cannot spot treat body fat, regardless of what anyone tells you. In order to change your body composition (and thus the trouble areas where you store the most deposits of body fat), you MUST be in a calorie deficit for extended periods of time (but not forever). Targeting ab exercises to get rid of belly fat will never work. Remember, abs are made in the gym, and revealed in the kitchen

  2. Lifting Heavy Will Make Me Too Bulky, Especially if I am a Woman. – Another long-time myth, but one that seems to be losing its hold on popular culture. With the introduction of Instagram, it is easier than ever to see thousands of different body types and what makes them. 9 times out of 10, your dream body is built by lifting heavy weights, especially if you are a woman. You will only look like a bodybuilder, if you train, eat and supplement like them for the next 10 years. Those most likely are not your goals, so you will not gain muscle like that. Heavy squats, deadlifts military press and bench press are most likely the key to your dream body, so don’t be afraid of them

  3. Static Stretching is The Best Way to Warm-Up – Static stretching has long been seen as inferior among fitness professionals and coaches, and luckily it has started to filter out to the masses as well. Research has shown that static stretching can significantly reduce muscular power and strength, the last thing someone would want before performing athletically. Dynamic warm-up, with movement patterns similar to the tasks about to be performed, is a much superior warm-up method, and should be employed before every workout

  4. Muscle Will Turn To Fat After You Workout – this myth is popular for a few reasons, mainly the change in body composition that happens when someone stops exercising regularly. Someone with 6-pack abs who stops training for 6 months will most likely see a large change in body comp, and thus it will seem like their muscle turned into fat. However, muscle and fat are two different body tissues and will never turn into one another. However, when you stop working out, your body demands less fuel. If you eat the same amount of calories, your body will inevitably begin to store those excess calories as fat

  5. Carbs Make You Fat – This is common myth that has been around for decades. It presents itself over and over and always comes in the form of a new fad diet. But, let us be clear: carbs are not the devil and are not necessary to avoid. Calorie deficit has and always will be the absolute key in changing body composition, unless you have a pre-existing metabolic condition that requires specific attention.

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