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Welcome to the MASSive Arms & Full Body Maintenance Program - your ticket to sculpted powerful arms and a toned physique.


This workout isn’t JUST about arms… We believe in the importance of a balanced physique. That’s why this program not only targets your arms, but includes comprehensive full-body maintenance. 

Are you newer to fitness? This program will provide you with a basic full-body strength program, but with a heavy focus on your biceps and triceps.


Seasoned gym-goer? We have you covered too. Following this program will help you tear down and build up those bi’s and tri’s to the max without neglecting the rest of your physique. 


What you’ll get:

  • Detailed workout program with 5 workouts per week for 5 weeks
  • Flexibility built into the program to challenge all fitness levels
  • Basic information about the targeted muscle groups
  • Alternate exercises to accommodate for ability and access to equipment
  • Printable PDF version of program 
  • Spreadsheet for digital workout tracking  
  • Your questions answered! It’s our priority to make sure you don’t have any unanswered questions or concerns that come up while following one of our programs.



Why choose our program?

You get to benefit from our combined tens of thousands of hours of experience providing fitness training for clients of every fitness level.


  1. We know what works and what doesn’t.
  2. We will never try to sell you gimmicks or “shortcuts”.
  3. We just want you to have access to a truly effective workout program that will help you meet your specific goals.

MASSive Arms Program

  • This program is comprised of a set of digital files contained in one zip folder. No physical product will be shipped - this is a digital download, available immediately upon checkout.

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