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WOW Month 7- Bodyweight/Gymnastic Movements

Howdy Hybrid Fitness Fam! We’re back for month #7 of our Workout of the Week series. We hope that you have been enjoying the first six-months of workouts as we gear up for the second half of the year. Most of all though, we hope you’ve been able to make some serious gains! This month we are going to be tackling some Bodyweight and Gymnastic type movements, so gear up for some fun and functional workouts.

Most routines this month will contain some combination of both bodyweight and gymnastic movements, so lets define what we mean by these two terms. Bodyweight exercises refer to any number of exercises where your bodyweight is the main form of resistance. However, these bodyweight exercises will also usually include extra weight in the form of a DB or KB. If adding this resistance is too much for you, do just bodyweight. These exercises still work with no extra resistance! Gymnastic movements refer to any exercises that work the core, shoulders, arms and back while emphasizing coordination and balance. For example, some of our gymnastic movements this month are: Overhead Med Ball Slams, Lateral Hurdle Hops, TRX Knees to Chest, and Parallette Push-ups.

With this month, we have decided to take an extremely functional approach. The workouts that we have put together are going to test and improve your balance, muscular endurance, and muscular coordination. All of these attributes are extremely important to living and healthy and pain-free life.

However, these workouts will still challenge you in a big way. So, as always, use proper form and ASK if you have any questions about the workouts/movements!

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