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Workout of the Week Month 6- Full Body Supersets

Welcome to Month 6 of our Workout of the Week series! If you’ve been with us since we started, today will officially be the halfway point in our FULL YEAR of workouts! We hope that you’ve made some great progress, learned a ton about exercise, and are having fun while doing so.

For this month, we will be doing full body supersets for our workouts. Each workout will consist of two supersets of two exercises each for a total of 12 exercises total for each week. If you are unfamiliar, a superset is two exercises done back to back with the only rest being the time it makes to transition to one movement from the other. Ex: Chest Press for 8 reps and pushups for 8 reps would be done back to back to equal ONE superset, with the only rest being the amount of time it takes to move off the floor and into the pushup position.

As for the workouts themselves, they will be broken down into 3 sections: push, pull, and legs. All of the workouts this month will be supersets done for 3 total sets. Each of the Push, Pull and Legs sections will be composed of two supersets equaling 4 total exercises. In total, this brings us to 12 movements broken into 6 supersets. This may sound confusing, but it will make much more sense when you see it written out.

Supersets are this month’s theme because they allow us to build on last months “push/pull” movements in a time efficient way. By supersetting our movements, we can get more work done in a shorter time period, and thus expand into the Push/Pull/Legs split that were using.

              Supersets will fatigue you quicker than traditional training, so its important to adjust your weights accordingly! If you have to lift a lighter weight to properly complete the sets, then absolutely do so. Remember, TRAIN SMART.

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