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Why You Should be Using Resistance Bands

Top 5 reasons why everyone should be using resistance bands and why you should start using them now!

  1. Everyone can use them! Resistance bands are strong, thin bands made of rubber.  They come in different thicknesses which translate to a variety of resistances depending on your fitness level.  Resistance bands can be used to do just about any strength training exercise without the use of heavy weights.  You can further increase the intensity of resistance by giving the band more or less slack.  You can also use multiple bands at once.

  2. You can do everything with them! Resistance bands can be used for the same familiar strength training exercises you already do.  Bands can be used for chest presses, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, curls, squats and much more.  They are great for isolating muscles as well as for creating complex exercises using multiple muscles at once.

  3. They can aid in injury recovery and prevention.  The use of resistance bands to work isolated muscles can help target underused muscles which helps prevent future injuries.  If you are injured, bands can allow you to target muscles without harming the tendons, joints or bones of the injured area.

  4. They can be combined with other equipment to challenge you further. You can use resistance bands along with weights and get the benefits of 2 types of exercises at once.  Check out some of the special resistance band equipment at Hybrid Fitness!

  5. You get a great workout with them!  Resistance band training can help boost stamina, flexibility and range of motion.  Resistance bands require coordination and balance so you end up using more muscle groups to stabilize your body while using them.

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