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Top 5 Reasons to add Strength Training into your workout routine

1.  Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass and aids in disease prevention.

Lean muscle and bone mass diminishes by about 1% each year.  Strength training helps stop, prevent and even reverse bone and muscle loss.  It has even been proven to regulate glucose levels in diabetics and decrease pain from arthritis.

2.  Strength training increases your physical work capacity

It will increase your ability to work harder and longer while performing activities of daily living (ADL's).

3.  Strength training burns more calories.

You burn calories during strength training, and your body continues to burn calories after strength training.  More calories are used to make and maintain muscle than fat, and in fact strength training can boost your metabolism by 15 percent.

4. It will improve your mood and increase your energy level.

Strength training elevates your level of natural endorphins which make you feel good.  It has also been proven to be a great antidepressant as well as providing better sleep quality.

5.  Everyone can do it!

Strength training can be done at home or at the gym.  Resistance bands, free weights, machines and even your own body weight can be used.  Contact us for more information or to set up a trial training session and learn how you can incorporate strength training safely into your workouts!

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