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Punch Up Your Workout

Boxing as a workout: It's not just for fighters. In Memory of Muhammad Ali- January 17, 1942- June 3, 2016

Boxing has become a popular workout for everyone regardless of age or gender.  It is not just for people who are interested in sparring or stepping into a boxing ring.   The benefits of boxing for exercise are numerous and it has quickly become one of the most frequently requested training options at Hybrid Fitness.  Hybrid is unique because during a boxing session you won’t just learn the standard jabs and punches.  Doug will have you ducking, dodging and catching highs and lows by your 3rd session.  He utilizes resistance bands to add power and increase your core strength.  He will teach you the proper way to wrap your hands and even help you select the perfect gloves when you are ready to make the commitment.  During your “training” you will have the opportunity to work with special “give and take” mitts where you not only throw the punches but learn to catch and block ones being thrown at you.  You will learn the proper footwork and even how to anticipate sequences without verbal cues.  If you aren’t ready for one on one boxing lessons you can still take part in the boxing fun. Hybrid has a full array of top of the line boxing equipment including a water bag, uppercut bag and double ended speed bag.  If all this doesn’t tempt you to schedule a FREE trial session then maybe the below list of health benefits will:

  1. Boxing is a great way to combine cardio and strength training in one.  It targets the legs, core and upper body providing a total full body workout while improving your balance, coordination, reaction time and agility.

  2. Boxing has the potential to burn approximately 13 calories per minute which means it is comparable to other forms of cardio such as running or cycling.

  3. Want a flat stomach?  The pivoting and core movements associated with boxing will help provide your abs a workout that rivals crunches.

  4. It is a major stress reliever!  Hitting the heavy bag or punching a mitt releases adrenaline and is a healthy and productive way to get rid of tension and give you a rush of endorphins.

  5. Boxing provides a high intensity, vigorous workout which will help increase your metabolism.

  6. Learning to properly throw a punch is a big confidence booster as well as a good lesson in self defense.

  7. It’s a fun, challenging and super intense workout!

P.S.  If you are interested in actually boxing in a ring we can train you for that too!

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