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Ask the Trainer: Exercise selection

Question:  What Is The Overall Best Exercise?

Answer:  Deep Squats

Squats are a full body exercise which means it engages more muscle fibers.  This causes a greater hormonal response which will raise testosterone levels and increase strength by building muscle which in turn burns fat.  This stimulus to the majority of muscles in the body increases the development of bone density that will also help fight osteoporosis.  Squats burn more calories than other exercises because more muscles are activated.  They are also proven to make you stronger, faster and jump higher as well as helping to increase flexibility.  All of these benefits transfer well into daily life activities. *It is important to always use proper form when performing squats.  The deepness of the squat will vary for each individual.  If you have back, hip, or knee injuries you will want to limit the range of motion depending on pain level and only squat till where it is comfortable without pain.  It is advised to start by holding on to a bar or stationary object and practice getting lower with control before using weight.  Remember, some forward movement in the knees is ok, but you want to try to match the angle of your shins and the ground with the angle of your back and the ground.

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