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22 WOD to End Veteran Suicide

Each day 22 veterans commit suicide. Hybrid Fitness is pairing with Operation Ward 57 to sponsor the 22 WOD to support veterans and put an end to this. Come in on 2/22/2016 to help raise awareness. The suggested donation is $22. A donation of $35 will also get you a t-shirt! Since we are a host gym, there is no need to register online or in advance. We will have registration at the gym. However, if you want a t-shirt for the day of the event, register online as an individual before 2/11. You can get a t-shirt after the event if you register at the door with a $35 donation.

What to expect:

22 exercises x22reps @ minute 22 we will have a moment of silence.

We will host a group WOD at 6PM. The WOD will be available all day for those who can't make it at 6PM. Bring friends and family to join us in the WOD, the more the merrier! We will waive the day fee for non-members coming to the gym to participate with a donation. Check our facebook for more updates as the date gets closer - Hybrid Fitness . Please make sure you RSVP on facebook if you are planning to participate with us so we can make sure we have enough snacks and other things.

To learn more from Operation Ward 57, click here: 22 WOD

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